JUMPING Tallinn 2017

Aasta suurim hobuste-, spordi- ja koguperefestival

Tallinna Lauluväljakul 31.8-3.9.2017

JUMPING Tallinn 2017

Jumping Tallinn festival is divided into four main branches- the Equestrian World Cup in dressage and showjumping, the food and trading festival,   the sports and hobby groups festival and the night programme including a disco and various artists. 

Jumping Tallinn 2017 features the first ever Equestrian World Cup Stage in dressage and showjumping held at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. Among the participants are nearly 200 horses and more than 100 athletes from over 10 different countries. In addition to the Estonian elite, this will be an excellent chance to witness the very best riders from Central Europe as they compete throughout the four days in different competition classes.  

On top of the exciting competitions, we offer thrilling activities for all family membersin every part of the Song Festival Grounds. Approximately 50 sports federations and hobby groupsare  present in order to introduce their sport and get everyone involved on the site. 

Food lovers and greedy guts have been thought of as well! There are well over 50 different caterers and traders bringing along their best flavours for some alternative entertainment.


With nearly 100 caterers taking part, the Food Festival will offer something for every taste as you can find anything from farm to street food.


Rougly 50 different sports associations and hobby groups are there to introduce their field of sport. Everyone has a chance to get acquainted with different sports, take part in exciting competitions and choose a suitable sport or field of activity for themselves or their children.


The Horse Festival is one of the biggest outdoor equestrian events in the Baltics, also being the first of its kind in Estonia. The World Cup in dressage and showjumping will be held within the framework of the festival. Almost 200 horses and over 100 athletes from more than 10 different countries participate in the competitions. In addition to the Estonian elite, this will be a superb chance to see the best riders from Central Europe, as they compete in one of this season's last outdoor competitions in Estonia.


1.09.2017 at 22.00 - DISCO TALLINN presents Genka ja Paul Oja LIVE.
2.09.2017 at 22.00 - LIVE Daniel Levi Viinlaas, Kristel Aaslaid feat. Whougaux ja DJ Element.




Festival Map

You can find all the areas of the festival on this map. Each area is marked with a distinctive colour.